Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EDM 117, 118, & 119

I couldn't post my last couple of EDMs for a couple days but, here are all the ones I have finished.

#117 - Round

A little ceramic chick that I found at the Goodwill Store.

#118 - Hair

Uncle Hoppy, the uncle of one of my friends. I think he is in his 80s. He comes to my friend's yearly barbecue. That's where I met him and enjoy visiting with him yearly. He is quite a character and he is followed around by his faithful boxer Morgan.

#119 - Rocks

These are a few little rocks I found in my back yard.


Joan T said...

Great sketches for EDM! Love the one of the hair. I had to laugh at your dieting comments below. Luckily I have been doing the program for so long that it seems like second nature to me, but sometimes you just have to have that big bag of Doritos! lol Good luck with the diet...I hope you are losing weight.

Lene said...

hi - that EDM 117 Round is to cute ;)