Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More EDM Sketches

I got started on my EDM for today and didn't know when to stop. I now am ahead for a few days. I only have 5 more to do. I have enjoyed doing these sketches every day. Maybe I will get another sketchbook and start with the first EDM and work my way thru them all. I had intended to do them but had never gotten around to it. Another one I would like to work my way thru is the Illustration Friday Topics. I will eventually do those too but not sure I will start those until I get caught up with the list of EDMs.

I got a call this morning from a friend. She had taken the day off work and wanted to go to lunch and then browsing at the Goodwill Store and Big Lots. I found a couple little things at Goodwill but several at Big Lots. I got some new foldup chairs for outside. They have a side tray that pops up to hold something to drink and will hold art supplies. These will be perfect for sketching outside in my yard. So now I have one in the front and one in the back.

I also found a nice fold up table in my husband's camping supplies. I have it set up and in the garage ready to drag out for art time outside. It is about 3 x 3 ft.

I had my monthly fall Sunday. I fall just about once a month or two. This time was out in the back yard and in the dirt. Well the dirt isn't as soft as the carpet so I scratched up my elbow. Plus today I found a hard bump about an inch and a half near my elbow. I am sore all over. It kinked my back as well as caused my bad ankle and knee (the one with the knee replacement) to be sore. Lower back is sore on the left side, Right arm hurts when I have to reach. I didn't much like falling on the dirt. My preference is the softer carpet.

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