Sunday, July 08, 2007

Colored Pencil Class

I will be joining a month-long colored pencil class with Jeanette Jobson at It will be for dry colored pencils and will show how to layer to get the wonderful results she gets. I would love to get the soft touch she has too, but I am not expecting miracles just progress.
I have been searching for just the right photo. Each one I wanted to do seemed too faded or too busy, or some other problem. I love morning glories so I chose one of those from the RIL at Wetcanvas submitted by BryAli. I did change the line drawing tho and left one of the flowers out.
I am not sure what I like about morning gloies, but I do know when I was in 3rd grade my mome had some growing. I found them fascinating even tho I wasn't a girly-girl and had no interest in flowers and things. Maybe remembering them brings my childhood back.
There are a few other things that stick when I think back to those days. One was the little treat cups mom would make for us. She would decided to surprise us and because we had not money, she would figure out a different way to surprise us. She would use cupcake papers and put little things in them. Coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and whatever little things like that she did have on hand. We thought it was great.
Another thing I remember is the homemade banana pudding, rice, or chocolate pudding as a treat some nights and the potted meat sandwiches every day at noon. She would stretch 3 sandwiches out of one little can of meat and some miracle whip mayo and put that on bread. So yummy. I still like the taste but won't eat them now as the meat is made like hotdogs, made with all the garbage from the slaughter. Just can't wrap my mouth around that. My husband describes cherizo as whatever falls on the floor from the slaughtered animal when they cut it open.
And now you know why I wouldn't make it living on a farm. I don't like eggs unless they are anemic yellow like from the store, won't eat anything I have met, don't like saltless butter, or real cream or milk, and would make a pet of all animals that came within site (except anything likea rodent, snakes, or reptiles...they scare the daylights out of me). No thanks. Now everyone, go have a nice dinner.


Joan said...

It's funny how morning glories can evoke memories of childhood. Honeysuckle (seeing it or smelling it) does the same thing for me. Good luch with the colored pencil class.

Jo Castillo said...

Your mom sounds neat. We ate spam instead of potted meat most of the time. My mom made a stew with spam, potatoes and onions. She didn't brown the spam so it was so watery and clear juice. I hated it. I like Spam now.

I hope you like the colored pencils, I'm too impatient. :) Nice drawing.