Saturday, July 14, 2007

Productive Day

Today was a productive one for me. I got a late start after a long afternoon nap, but after dinner, I got busy and "produced".

I worked on the colored pencil drawing for Jeanette's class. Put in the first very light layer of green for the leaves on one side. I will leave the opposite side for later so I have a place to put my hand.

Next I did an ATC for the pet thread. That is now posted on the thread. Then I went to work trying to catch up on the scavenger hunt. Only 3 more days for this hunt.

Hubby is off work this week for his vacation. He plans to pressure wash the outside of the house and then paint it. Then take a few days to go camping.
I suppose I should go to bed. Penny likes all her "packmates" to be in the same place so she can settle down and relax. She has already made two trips into the office where I am to let me know it is time. She will make a couple more trips and then eventually stay in here. Nothing like having a dog tell me when bedtime is. Not even my mom was able to keep me to a bedtime. I would lie in bed and read till late, even if I had to use a flashlight or the light from the bathroom across the hall. In those days (junior high school) I would read a book a night. And I wonder why my eyes are so bad.


Joan said...

You're not kidding that you've had a productive day! Your hand sketches are simply great!! Enjoy.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Joan. I did do a bad one that I erased tho. They don't all turn out.

Jo Castillo said...

The hands are great and you are working on art! Way to go!