Monday, July 30, 2007

End of July

Wow! It is the end of July. Where does the time go? We woke to bad news today. Local Operating Engineers went on strike at midnight. My husband is a teamster and some of the employees are Operating Engineers. That means no work for him. He can't cross the picket line. All we can do is hope and pray for a quick solution or maybe an extention on the contract.

I worked most of the day Saturday on a pigeon picture in colored pencil. So much layering. I tried this one on charcoal paper since I had it just sitting here. And not much bettter than the watercolor paper I used last time. This one had a striped-looking texture to the paper. Like corduroy. No matter what you do, you can see the texture thru the pencil.

I am satisfied with the picture now but did have trouble with the blues again. What's up with my "blue" block. I have many shades of blue to work with. I could see having a problem if my palette was limited. I had so much trouble, I thought about tossing it. But I reverted back to my old ways (sorry Jeanette) and actually drew lines in on the wings to represent the feathers. That is the only way I could live with what I produced.

My friend Toni liked it a lot. She likes birds, so this may be her Christmas present for this year. Christmas is fast approaching. Time to get started on gifts.


Anna Sellers said...

Hello Jeanne

I found your blog through Jo Castillo's blog. I came to wish you well on your knee.

You have a very nice blog. Christmas.. wow. You are right, its coming fast. Beautiful pigeon. It will make a wonderful gift.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Anna. Glad you found me.

Joan said...

Great job on the pigeon! You do nice work with the colored pencils. Sorry to hear about the strike. I hope it ends quickly.