Monday, July 02, 2007


I have been slacking today. No drawing. I did make a start on getting my office and art supplies organized.
We bought a 6ft metal cabinet with a rolling dolly under it. It is now in my office/art room where I can put supplies out of the way. It is on the way to being full. I still have a long way to go but making some headway. When hubby came in here tonight, he said it looks like a tornado hit here.
To put the big cabinet in here, I had to turn the desk a different way. And that meant moving the computer, and all those wires. Scads of wires. I tried to untangle them, but the more you untangle, the more they seem to tangle. I don't know how on those clean sweep shows on tv they can get all the cords out of site. Don't they ever need to plug something else in like the vacuum?
The computer was out of action for several hours but now it is connected again and I am back in service. Now to just get the piles and piles in the floor put away. Seems the more you try to organize, the more there is to organize. Some spots are cleaner but some are worse. I need Samantha with her "Bewitching" nose, or a genie in a bottle. I may drown in clutter before I get it put away. Update tomorrow...or will there be...maybe I will just close the door and do art instead.
Oh yeah, the ants are back. Not in the office but in the kitchen and laundry. I left out a cut red onion and surprise, they wanted it. Had it totally covered before I noticed. I never thought about an onion. So the fight has been on again today.


Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, Your studio sounds like my studio. After we pack today and tomorrow it will be neat .. mostly empty. :)

We had ants here, they lived in the walls, I think. We put out those ant baits that kill the queen. You put them out every 3 months. We put them in the kitchen and bathrooms and under the house. It took a couple of years, but we haven't had ants for about a year. I still put the baits out.

We don't have animals, but you can put them up out of reach or under furniture.

I bought mint jelly and borax which I heard was good and safe, but we didn't try it.

Good luck. Go sketch for a while. I may get some done this evening.

Joan said...

Jeanne, I vote for close the door and do some artwork. Sorry about the ants.