Friday, July 20, 2007

Day of Pain

I have been having lots of trouble with my knee. Probably needs arthroscopic surgery. I am putting it off as I am trying to pay some former medical bills. But today has been a very painful one.

We went shopping at Costco. Way too much walking there. I swear the store gets busier each time I go. Hubby was with me so it took longer to do the shopping.

He doesn't get to go that often, so when he does he looks at everything. Meat, housewares, etc. When we get separated, he will call me on the cell phone and ask where I am. Then he has a habit of wanting me to come back to where he is to look at something. More walking I could have done without. Plus when he is there we wpend much more. But at least I had someone to help with the unloading. It is quite a chore to do it all myself.

I touched up some of the drawings I did for the Guild House. Fine-tuning them a little. Soon I need to get them transferred to some good paper and get started. I would like to finish them early and take the pressure off.

I did hubby's hand last night before dinner. Nice to sketch someone else's hand. Although I am so familiar with my own hand by now, that I think I could almost draw it from memory. Next month we will draw feet for a month. And move along to more body parts. Hopefully when we run out of parts, we will be expert at drawing them.

I have been on crutches most of the evening. Not easy doing things with those in my hands. And I took a pain pill earlier. Those make me sleepy. I think I will head to bed as hubby will be up early to get busy painting the trim in the front of the house.

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Joan said...

I'm sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable. Nice of your husband to help with the shopping. I love that he calls you on the cellphone in Costco! How funny! I hate going shopping with my husband. I'll be done with all the groceries in the cart, and he'll be among the missing. AND he'll have all kinds of junk that we don't need to eat. Nice sketch of Bill's hand.