Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

I finally got my artwork to the Arts Council for the jury. Now for some me drawing time. I did some scavenger hunt items and hands.

My knee is still bothering me. I am in pain most of the time and can't get the knee comfortable even when I sleep. I have a doctor appt for week after next. The doctor is on vacation for a week. He has great timing, and I will tell him so. lol

Now to find another reference picture to do in Jeanette's colored pencil class on


Donna said...

I just love your drawings. Your style is honest and unassuming and I find myself pausing to look and then look again. There's so much to consider's fun! What did you do on your plein air day? Did you get to go? I'm sorry you are having so much pain lately. I have Polymyositis, myself, so I know how that goes. When you have pain, it seems you don't want to do anything, but not doing anything seems to bring more pain. So it goes around full circle. At least we can draw!

Joan said...

Good sketches, Jeanne. I lov that knot. I'm sorry to hear that your knee is giving you so much trouble.