Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up

I have spent most of Saturday catching up on posts on Wetcanvas. And my project had disappeared so I spent a little time getting that back. There are 6 signed up so far. Can't wait to get started.

No art done today. Just reading about art. I spend too much time doing that instead of actually "doing" it. That will have to change. I have so many things I want to draw, it's just getting started that is causing the problem. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Here are a few photos from my outing on Wednesday.

If you want to see larger photos, click each photo.


Jean said...

What interesting photos went to Robby's right? ~ Jean

Beamer said...

Nice Collection. I like the Cactus.


Teresa said...

What kind of plant is that in the photo fourth from the bottom? It's really unusual .... at least it would be for our area here in rural/coastal NC!

Paulette said...

Beautiful pictures!