Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Version

This is another of my Master's postcard exchange. This one was my version of an Alexey Venetsianova painting. I liked the youngness of the girl and the colors. I am drawn to portraits of Old Masters. Many of the ones I have done were portraits. I find a lot of the still life and landscapes not very interesting. In fact most of the still life ones seem the same. But the portraits they did show a variety of faces, styles, colors, and the way the subject was portrayed.

One old master gave all his women very long noses. It didn't make them look ugly, but they weren't pretty. More plain somehow. But they looked very interesting. I noticed with portraits of the same painter, I would see some similarities even tho the subjects were different.


Ai said...

This is absolutely beautiful Jeanne. You are right that the old time portraits seem to have the unique aura about them. You did very well in capturing that.

Teresa said...

Great job! Your color choices are so eyecatching and attractive... do you have a "color theory in a nutshell" that you use as a guide when selecting colors?

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, I think you are right. The portraits are more interesting.

You have done well on this one. Good flesh tones and use of complements.