Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank yous

Here are a couple I haven't posted here yet. They were made for thank you cards.

While I was in bed after my knee replacement. The ladies from Bible study cooked up a bunch of dinners and froze them for me. I received enough food to take care of almost a whole month of dinners. All hubby had to do was cook them in the oven. My dog groomer/neighbor also brought over a dish. She brought it the night I got home from the hospital. I have such good and thoughtful friends.


Teresa said...

Your pretty and unique thank you cards will no doubt be cherished. How thoughtful of you!

Joan said...

I'm sure they loved receiving these from you...lovely cards. How big did you make them? It's nice that you had a group that helped out while you were laid up.

Ai said...

What a treasure friends you have and how nice you are to do beautiful thank you cards in return. They sure will be thrilled to receive them.