Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shopping Day

Today I had my monthly hair appointment. Then shopped for groceries. I was totally exhausted and everything hurt when I got home and got everything put away. I called hubby and suggested if he wanted to eat, he pick up Chinese on the way home. All I wanted to do is sit and not move. I haven't done much tonight but draw.

I worked on and finished two more Spring Fling cards. That makes 4 ready to go but I need Everyday Items cards to go with them. Oh well.

While under the heat machine today I sketched from a photo of my dog Penny. I started an eye while I waited for my turn, and twenty minutes under the machine. I got quite a lot done. The stylist couldn't believe I had done that much in 20 minutes. She grabbed the postcard it was on and was showing it to everyone. I am having trouble with my scanner. It keeps telling me I need to install software. It does that just about every time I go to use it. It's probably time for a new one but it is a 4-in-1 so not real cheap. And not that old.

Here is the latest Everyday Item card that was received in Thailand and the 2 that arrived in New Zealand. I had 5 cards arrive at their destinations today. I will post the 2 Spring fling cards tomorrow.


Joan said...

Jeanne - All three of these are lovely!!! Great color! I think my favorite is the one of the bamboo plant...a simple plant but so lovely! Good work. I can just imagine you sketching as you're under the dryer!!!

bmw100 at lycos dot com (Beamer) said...

So Nice. Thanks for sharing.


Jo Castillo said...

I like the bamboo, too. Great ellipses. Nice work. Colored pencil??