Saturday, May 31, 2008

En Plein Air

Wednesday our plein air group goes back to Pioneer Village. There is a possibility that we will have a spot on the news. So in preparation for that, we are all taking a piece of framed/matted art that we have done en plein air.

I am taking the picture that I worked on the last trip there. It was of the old jail. I did the backside of it since there was a very nice bench for me to sit on. it. That trip the weather was cold. This trip should be hot. I will be looking for a shade as well as a bench or seat this time.

I matted and framed my picture today. I didn't want to wait until the last minute to do so. I didn't really like the picture when I was working on it but it wasn't quite finished. I worked on it a little more today, and tho not happy with it, I can live with it. It's not the best thing I have done nor the worst.

I believe it is about 9 x 13 on Bristol Smooth paper. Some watercolor and watercolor and dry pencil. The mat is 11x14. I sometimes forget to state the size and medium. I'm trying to get better at that. The black mat is wider but this is all that would fit on the scanner. I have better luck with the scanner than the camera especially with black.


bmw100 at lycos dot com (Beamer) said...

You have such great technique in so many areas of your art. Like the trees leaves and the roofing, it's just fabulous what you do with it. The leaves look so simple, yet it is so effective to convey what they are.

Your pretty amazing.


Joan said...

You did a great job on the tree in this!! I thing the materials you use work well together. Hope you get on the news. It would be fun if someone could tape it for you.