Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life Today

I went to the post office today to make sure I had enough postage on an envelope bound for New Zealand. I am sure glad I checked. I can't imagine how embarrassed I'd have been if they had to pay postage on something I mailed, or it came back and I had to pay the same postage plus some again. Better safe than sorry. Since the recipients are a husband and wife who are both artists and both in 2 of my exchanges, I mailed them each two postcards in the same envelope. That way I only have to wait while one envelope makes its way and hopefully reaches New Zealand safely.

I worked on two more postcards for the Spring Fling exchange. I took about 70 photos at my sister-in-law's house yesterday. I did a Verigated Canna plant and a Coleus plant. She had both on her patio in pots. I sketched them on the cards while I was there, then finished the canna one last night after we got home. First thing this morning I went to work on the coleus. I really like how they turned out.

A couple of weeks ago, I told a lady who works the register at the local pharmacy that I would do a drawing for her. Well today I did it, and I will hopefully take it by to her after my plein air outing tomorrow. I used a photo taken Monday at my sister-in-laws and drew and "painted" it in colored pencils. It is of another of her patio plants. A geranium. Here is that one.

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Joan said...

Jeanne - This is so vibrant and lovely!!! You are one active lady! Postal rates recently went up, so be careful with the postage. The cards probably would have come back to you.