Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scavenger Hunt #85

The scavenger hunt this week is being hosted by EP. My turn comes again next. I have been working on my list. I am always working on a list. Then when hosting time comes, I can't find it. I am always starting lists, notes, etc in tablets. Most of the time they are the shorthand notebooks we used in shorthand class in high school. Wire bound at the top and the pages divided by a vertical line. I have filled many of these with shorthand many many years ago.

Now I fill the shorthand notebooks with notes, lists, doodles, and anything else that happens to come out of my head to my fingers. And I have many, many of these notebooks scattered throughout my house. Most of them partially filled. Some with just a few pages scattered thru the book, others that have had pages pulled out until they only have a few pages left.

Well my last list is lost in the abyss of my lost notebooks. But I really like the list I made tonight. It is kind of generic. It will provide a wide range of interpretations. That is the part I like best about the lists. The different interpretations. Sometimes mine are kind of quirky. I confess to looking for the unusual. The normal is not for me. I have even gone so far as to "Google" the definition of a word and looked at synonyms. Anything to find an unusual "take" on a certain object on the scavenger list.

I not only want to "find" the items on the list, I want to find the most unusual one. It just brings more fun to the hunt for me. So I not only learn to sketch quickly and from life, I learn different meanings for words. It seems I am playing my own little game with myself. Now to hold on to this notebook until the 17th when I host. Where is a safe place I can "hide" it.

Here are my first 4 items for the current scavenger hunt. EP has provided a really good list. I really like a list that has ideas for items jumping out at me as I read the list.

If you are an artist, and you would like some sketching from life practice, come join us in the hunts. We get a new list of 26 items and some challenges every 9 days.


Jo Castillo said...

Great drawings for your quirky ideas. :)

Joan said...

Jeanne - You always come up with good items for the hunts. I try to jot down items when I think of them, so I can pull a list together. I'll have to remember to sign up again.