Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Full Steam Ahead

I sent out 2 postcards yesterday, two today, and two will go out tomorrow. I have only 3 more to do for the Masters exchange. And one is already sketched. I did that one as I sat outside this evening with the dogs. I also did one for the Everyday Items exchange. I will be sending both the Spring Fling and the Everyday Items cards together to the ones in both exchanges. The last two everyday items I have done went out to two people who are only in that exchange. It's harder to get two for the same person done at the same time. But if it will save some postage, I need to do that. The pitfalls of doing too many projects at one time. But I love it.

Tomorrow is the plein air outing. I haven't decided if I will go or not. The particular place they will be going is not one that I mind missing. It is a theater in the down town area that also houses a cafe. Most will be sitting out on the sidewalk. With the heat, that will not be comfortable.

Now next week we are going again to Pioneer Village. There is always something there to paint or draw. It's hard on my ankle, and I will pay for it the next day or two. But the unlimited subjects is too good to pass up. The place is divided into streets. I have been twice before so should have to take many photos this time. But I may go to the farthest street as I didn't last time.

Wetcanvas has been down all day. Part of it came back up for just a few minutes but went down again. I was able to send a couple of pms but that was all. Now I wait for it to come back again. I need my Wetcanvas fix.


Joan said...

An old theater would be my idea of a good thing to paint. I enjoy doing old buildings. I do think that unless you have a comfortable place to sit and some shade it wouldn't be the best place for you. Just make sure you do something around your area or at home. Enjoy!

Jo Castillo said...

I don't do buildings well and don't care for the sun either.

You have been doing so many projects. Good for you.

Take care of yourself, though.