Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Everyday Items Project

I started an Everyday Items Project in Wetcanvas. It has 24 people signed up. I pm'd the names and addresses to the participants today. Now we can get started making and mailing art.

It is a postcard/ATC exchange. We have people from the UK, Thailand, India, Canada, Australia New Zealand, France and about 8 different states in the US. It's such a privilege to send and receive original art from all these places. And what a joy to share. Sharing and making new friends is one of the perks. Plus I learn something from the cards I receive as well as the ones I produce and send out. I love doing these exchanges and meeting new people and keeping in touch with people I have already met. Plus having a goal keeps me making art.

I am still in the Master's exchange. I have only a few of those left to do. And now two new postcard/ATC exchanges to keep me busy. One is Spring Fling and one is Everyday Items. That will give me a great variety of items to put into my postcards. The spring fling will give me incentive to do postcards while I am out with my art group. And everyday items will keep me busy when I am at home. And before too long another will be started, and I will surely join that one too.

I will be posting these cards here but not until they are received at their new homes. I already have two cards on their way. One to Thailand and one to Australia so hopefully it won't be long before I will have a couple to post. Now to get busy and start my other (about 50) cards.

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Joan said...

You are so ambitious! I thought about the projects, but wanted to give myself a lot of time for plein air painting before summer rolls in and I'm at the beach all the time. Have fun with the projects.