Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthday Poem

I find that poking fun at myself on my birthday helps me deal with the fact that I am getting older. I figure getting older is better than dead, at least so far, but I still need a little humor on these days.

May 21, 2008

Yesterday has come and gone
Now I feel I weigh a ton
Birthday cake and ice cream too
French bread spread with buttery goo
Then time for dinner, I should say no
But in my mouth and not so slow
Bedtime comes and one more bite
Or 2 or 3 with such delight
From thin to plump to fluffy and tight
You'd think some day, I’d get it right
But the years keep coming and bring more cake
How many more birthdays can my body take?

Yikes! I'm 59 and still in shock.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, 59 and still counting. That is good. I love the poem and it can easily fit into my birthday as well. :) Thanks.

-N- said...

Happy Birthday!

bmw100 at lycos dot com (Beamer) said...

I can fully relate to your poem. Thanks for sharing. I bet there are some 20 somethings out there that wish they had as much talent as you posses.


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. The poem's cute too. Good food, that's what birthdays are all about.

Ai said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne. Great Poem. Enjoy. ;-)