Sunday, May 25, 2008


I worked on some postcards today for my projects at WC. But can't show them yet until they are received. In fact I got three finished.

My neighbor brought me a pot with a blooming Morning Glory in it. It is so pretty. And the vines have just started to stretch. I love looking at it. She gave me one last year and it was beautiful but it hasn't started growing back yet. I can't wait until I get across the street to see how many she already has going. She had tons in her back yard last year and one that completely covered her mail box post.

I keep looking around to see what I will draw next for the Everyday Items Project. For that one, there are so many opportunities. How could you ever run out of everyday items. Pretty much everything fits into that category. Even the dogs.

It's after midnight. Today is an American holiday. We will go to hubby's sister's house for a barbecue. Hopefully it will be a little warmer. Today it was colder and overcast after rain the night before. If it was a little warmer, we would take our lab Penny with us so she could swim in the pool. She loved it the time we took her. It's really fun to watch a dog experience something for the first time. She was immediately in love. After the first dip, we couldn't keep her out of the water.

Now Friday is another thing. You would think being a Golden Retriever she would like the water. Not our girl. If you are holding a water hose and twirling the water around, she likes to chase it. But you get near her for a bath or try to get her into a pool, she heads for cover. She thinks we would throw her in. She hides behind her mama. I guess she trusts me more than hubby.


Jo Castillo said...

The cool sounds good. Near our old home in NM, they had 10 inches of snow on Friday I think. I'm sure it is melted by now. :) We have been soooo hot.

Joan said...

We had a beautiful sunny weekend here while my relatives were visiting. It would have been perfect plein air weather, but I didn't get much done (and I missed it). I love those white poppy photos.

bmw100 at lycos dot com (Beamer) said...

That's one thing I find amazing about your talent - You look around and can imagine drawing anything. There is no way I could even come close to that.