Friday, May 02, 2008

WDE 5-2-08

I very seldom participate in the WDE on Wetcanvas any more. No particular reason. I still go look at the photos and really like many. But I just never do get around to the drawing. Today I did.

This is a picture of Poco. He belongs to Cheryl T who provided the photos this week. She has a never ending supply of photo ops. She has 4 feathered babies. I liked the photo of Poco because it is up close and personal. Just my type of photo. I even cropped it a little more than her photo. I don't do that on purpose. I just start with some part and work out. Whatever fits on the paper, is what gets on the paper.

Colored pencil on watercolor paper. Postcard size 4x6. On this one I started with the sketching the curve of the beak. I wanted to get that part right or he would have looked funny. I really like doing birds in colored pencil. Birds come in so many brilliant colors. Just made for colored pencil.


Laurel Neustadter said...

This is beautiful, Jeanne. Wonderful colors and composition. Very striking. Do you use hot or cold pressed watercolor paper with colored pencil?

Ai said...

Jeanne, your works do get better and better each day. I love all your animals.

Joan said...

Your texture and color on this is amazing!!