Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Plein air today

Well today wasn't really "en plein air". We were at a members house and most of the ladies watched watercolor videos. I did both. I drew a plant that was on the table and looked up at the video at times.

Two oil painters went a little distance from the house to paint the mountains. One braved the outside to sketch one of the water features, but got "well done" and escaped inside.

A couple of the ladies sketched each other while watching the video. I did find out some information. In the American Artist magazine, there is an ad to get 3 Daniel Smith tubes of paint and a brush for just about $20. And our art association is going to have some beginner watercolor classes starting in Sept. at our gallery. I also got names of 2 watercolor teachers who do workshops. I will look them up online. I can't go take the workshops, but I can take a look and see what else might be available.

Hubby is out of town for work, hot water heater is not working, I don't have to cook, I can't run the dishwasher, and I am hot and sleepy. May have to take a short nap before I stay up till 3 am.


Rose Welty said...


Sounds like a good time, even if it was so hot. We're heating up here too...I just keep telling myself that the sweat is weight-loss...the heat then is my no-effort diet plan. Hee hee. The things we tell ourselves!

Teresa said...

Hi Jeanne,

On the Daniel Smith offer in American Artist mag... which issue is the ad in? Sounds like a great way to experiment with some new paint!

Joan said...

Jeanne, Sounds like a good time to just relax. Daniel Smith often advertises specials of triads of paint, and usually without a shipping charge which is nice. I've bought a few that way.