Saturday, June 07, 2008

Drawing Day

Today was Drawing Day so I did some drawing. Here is one of the things that I did. This is my bird Bozo. It is postcard size and is done in watercolor, pen and ink, and a touch of colored pencil. I was planning to send this as one of my Everyday Items. But for the first time, I am torn about letting it go. I probably will but this one is going to be a little painful.

I am so attached to this bird. She is in her cage behind me as I sit at my desk. She keeps me company. She keeps me entertained. She talks to me. And she wants me to talk back. She is a special girl. Very protective of her cage. Full of life. And has a pretty good vocabulary for a bird.

When I am eating something, and the dogs get a bite, she is pacing back and forth waiting for hers. She likes sunflower seeds very much. But will have a bite of cookie, cracker, carrot, bread, cheerios, broccoli, and even potato chips. She pitches a fit if she doesn't get her bite. She even plays hide and seek with her papa.

When he comes into the room to say goodnight. she goes to the back of the cage and waits for him to pull up the towel and say something to her. She gets all fluffed out and tries to attack him. Then she waits and watches as he goes to different areas around the cage. She waits for this every night. When she hears his voice, she jumps to the floor of the cage and waits to attack.


mirai said...

i love your painting. they are so beautiful!! i dont know much about drawing, but i like your way to use color.i will visit here again :)
have a nice day!

Ai said...


Bozo is so lovely illustrated. No doubt why you would have a hard time letting the card go. Ai