Friday, August 01, 2008

Everyday Item

Here is the latest of my Everyday Items that reached its destination. This time to France.

My cell phone is with me most of the time. It is how I keep in touch with my husband when he is in his truck and on the road. I am able to have his dinner ready when he gets here. If he has to go out of town, he can let me know to get all his clothes all washed up. He can keep up with things that go on at home while he is away.

My phone is also a help when I have to drive. Since my leg has a disability, I am more secure in knowing I don't have to walk in case of a car emergency. I can just call for help from the security of my car.

It has also come in handy when I can't find a certain spot I am looking for like a new doctor's office, a new spot for our plein air outings, and other times when I need to find directions. And with all the new super sized stores, when hubby can't find me in the store, he calls to get directions to my area. The first time he did that, I had to laugh.

My phone also links me to my parents who aren't getting any younger. Before I had my cell phone, I would panic if I couldn't get them on the phone. A couple times I went to their house to make sure they were ok. They live in a rural area and sometimes the house phone doesn't work for days. We got them a cell phone on our family plan. That allows me to be free from the stress of knowing they are ok, that they can get from point A to point B and have communication if they have car trouble, or are out at night.

I know that some people feel cell phones are a nuisance, but in my case I have found them to be very useful. And I don't ever want to be without one.

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