Thursday, August 28, 2008

U S Safari

Three of my safari trade cards have arrived in their new homes in the US. I figure the ones going to Canada won't be there until next week. And the Australian ones, and one to Portugal will take a couple weeks or so.

I decided to do these in graphite. I miss my graphite. I decided the african safari animals would be a good time to be comfortable. The next trade on Drawspace will be Undersea Items. That will be in late Sept. and I will go back to colored pencil for those.

These are ATC size (2.5 x 3.5), the size of baseball cards. I collect them. I have over a hundred cards saved in the sleeve inserts for baseball cards placed in a binder. This trade was for 10 cards. I won't know how many for the sea ones until we have the sign up period.


Joan said...

Jeanne- These are great!!! You do animals so well!!!!!

Kaly said...

Hi, well guess again, mine arived in Portugal yesterday so it only took 4 days, ;)
I love your graphity animals, they are wonderfull, and I love my giraffe hope to see her here soon.