Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Vacation Dreams

I hate to push my dolphin down. I kind of like looking at it when I come to my blog. but it has been 3 days and time to move on.

Two more of my vacation dream vacation cards have arrived at their destinations. These two went to a husband and wife in New Zealand. They are grekslay and prickles. We have been in several trades together and several scavenger hunts. I have enjoyed getting to know them a little.

My two places in these two vacation dream cards are Montana (in watercolor) and a little village (colored pencil). I am not an outdoor person but the Montana scene was so pretty. It is a place that my hubby would love to be. I would love to be there with a camera or my art supplies. The little village looks so inviting that I couldn't pass up the chance to capture it on a card. It looks like a lovely and interesting place to visit. Both reference photos are from the Wetcanvas RIL.


Joan said...

I love both of these, but it is sad to see the dolphin move down. He was so great!!!

Teresa said...

Jeanne, these are GREAT!! I can't decide which one I like best.... so I'll declare it a tie! I see you're as good with colors in watercolor as you are with colored pencil. Job well done!!