Sunday, August 03, 2008

No new art

No new art that I can show. I finished two more postcards, and I'm working on one more. The two that are finished are one for the Everyday Items exchange, and the second one is for the Holiday Dream exchange. That one is sites of England.

The card I am working on it for another vacation dream. It is for Australia. I had to stop working for dinner but will probably finish it and mail all three tomorrow. I am trying to finish the Everyday Items project and get farther along on the vacation one.

I signed up for an online acrylics class on painting pets. It's a 6-week class, and we will be painting several animals. I want to learn to paint in acrylics like Jody in the Animal and Wildlife forum of Wetcanvas. She does such a good job. I would like to be versatile to have a painting medium to go with my colored pencils.

I have paid the $30 US for the class, found my supplies, and now wait for the 27th to start. There are many other classes at the site. $30 for new students per class. Here is the link to the classes:

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