Saturday, August 16, 2008

Postcard Exchanges

I have been working on my postcards for the exchanges I am in at the Wetcanvas site. I still have 3 or 4 to finish for the everyday items, and I am about half done with the holiday dream cards. Here are two that have arrived at their new homes.

I joined another exchange. This time on Drawspace forum. This one is for ATCs. The subject is safari. I will be doing animals from Africa and doing them in graphite. Time to get my graphite fix. I have 9 to do and have one finished.

I am also involved in a secret colored pencil art exchange. We are assigned one name and we do one piece of art 5x7 and send to that person. We haven't been told if the same person has our name. They will all be mailed in time for them to be at their new homes by the end of the month.

Everyone on the forum was working or had started their art. I hadn't even thought about what I would do. Well I finally sat down, figured it out, and finished it. Now I am just waiting for the address of my recipient. I can't wait to see what I get. It's like an early Christmas present.


Joan said...

Jeanne - These are super!!! Wonderful color in all of them, and I love mine of Italy!!! I had it on the kitchen table and my husband walked by, picked it up, and said, "When did you paint this?" Thanks so much!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How busy you are with such interesting projects. Love the colours with the washing on the lines... lucky person who receives any of your postcards or ATCs.

Ai said...

These are great Jeanne. I love the aussie and the Italy and the other one... ha ha ha I love them all.

Jo Castillo said...

These are so wonderful. Love the laundry. Wow!