Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date

This is the week of the VSD (Virtual Sketch Date). The photo reference was posted on the site on Friday. The drawings are due to be posted on our blogs next Saturday. The last time I looked, there were around 23 takers who want to participate. Each month we have more people and that makes it so nice to compare all the different mediums and styles.

I haven't started my drawing yet. I haven't yet decided whether I will do just graphite or add some color. When I start on the drawing, it will probably become clear to me how I will do it. Looking forward to seeing all the results.

I did some grocery shopping today so no artwork was done. I don't like days that I don't produce something. I did go thru my colored pencils to make sure I have the right colors for the 3 kits I have from Ann Kullenberg's website. I need to order a few pencils. I thought I had all the colors needed, but I would have had to substitute a couple colors. One is a portrait and I am looking forward to trying that.

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Teresa said...

Ooh... Kullberg kits.... what fun! Which ones did you choose? I haven't tried them yet... let me know how it goes - and be sure to post the result!