Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I find it a curious thing that I will look at my blog and realize that it has been days since I posted. It seems like I post every day. Not so though. I just looked and here it is 4 days later. Another example of how time flies.

I have every intention of posting daily. I read posts of others daily. It seems like I would realize that I had not posted daily. Maybe I am just enjoying other blogs so much that I imagine I posted too.

I am participating in a Safari ATC Exchange in the Drawspace.com forum. There were 11 people signed up so I had 10 cards to do. I decided to do African animals. And for this one, I went back to my comfort zone and did them in graphite. So delicious to get into my rut again.

All through my drawings, I kept thinking that "this would look nice when I added the color". So I am getting used to my art as being in color. But there is something so delicious about putting my trusty mechanical pencil on the paper and having something emerge with just some lines. Delicious comfort.

All my safari cards were mailed yesterday. 3 to Australia, 2 to Cananda, 1 to Portugal, and 4 to US states. The ones in the states should be getting them on Wed or Thursday. Then I can post the results. I may wait till they are all received, as I have 7 on one picture file and 3 on another. It's nice to see them all together.

Here is the latest of my Vacation Dreams Postcard that arrived in India.


Beamer said...

You post whenever you feel like it. It is always such a joy to find new art work from you. Love the seagull.

Teresa said...

Glad you gave yourself permission to enter your comfort zone. Sometimes we just need that. Love your gull.... he's so lively!