Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wee Hours

It's 2:25 am and I am still awake. I just finished a vacation dream card (the second one today). These I will be mailing to New Zealand to a married couple who are both in our project. I can't post them until they reach their new owners.

I have been doing some landscapes for this challenge as well as ones with multiple images from a country. Both have been nice to do. It is harder to put several things on one card and make them look like they belong together. But it is satisfying when I finish one.

I watched the opening of the Olympics tonight. Quite a show. Very intricate mechanics and electronics. I enjoy quite a few of the different sports during the Olympics and will be watching quite a bit. I just hope that they don't interfere with my main priority...The Young and Restless. Can't miss that.

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