Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brown Bear from CALM

I did a new ATC today from another of my California Living Museum photos. This time the Brown Bear. It was hot and he kept moving around trying to get comfortable. The black bear slept thru most of our visit but the brown one was at least awake. He was wedged in behind a rock and eventually put his head chest and paws down on the rock and slept. He didn't look at all comfortable but it was a cute photo op.


Joan said...

CALM sounds like a great place to visit. This one of the bear and the one of the bird came out really well. We have a similar kind of place near here, for animals that were injured/abandoned, but many of the animals are caged or behind plexiglass fronts and so difficult to get close to.

Artist Unplugged said...

Wow, the bear and your bird from the previous post are marvelous...color pencil?

oliverandjazz said...

love it jeanne, he is so gorgeous

A place meant only for me said...

Thanks for your kind advice jeanneG. I have started trying colors and you can see it on my blog(hope you'll like it).

I have started coloring(almost after 4 years) because of friends like you who have encouraged me a lot... and i hope someday i'll be able to enjoy it..

BTW your work is great and i loved it... ;)