Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary to My Blog

Today is my blog's 3rd anniversary. I don't post every day but usually manage every 2-3 days. I am on my blogsite every day, but sometimes I get so engrossed looking at other people's blogs, I forget to post to mine.

I am so happy to have made it 3 years. I have quite a few followers and visitors and I have met so many wonderful people. I am thankful for each and every visitor and have really enjoyed hearing all the comments. I have enjoyed sharing my life and art with you and hearing about your own lives in return.

I look forward to continuing my blog for many years to come, hearing from my loyal visitors, and meeting some new ones.

I am off to a town about 45 minutes away to have a visit with my brother and his family. Have a wonderful day.


Rose Welty said...

Happy Blog-versary Jeanne! You are a treasured part of the blogging community.

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

pencilportraits said...

Happy blog birthday Jeanne, and thanks for letting us all get involved in your little arty space!

Joan said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!! It is always fun to stop by and see what you've posted. I too appreciate the many friends I've found through their blogs. Enjoy!!

Jo Castillo said...

You are doing so well with this blog. Happy anniversary! Hugs to you.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Many congrats on the 3rd anniversary Jeanne. I never had any doubts that a lady who has taken her sketchbook to some pretty unusual places to draw would ever have a problem finding things to post or say!

Yours is a blog with a genuine and original voice as well as a record of how you've progressed in your art in the last three years.

Here's to the next three years!

Donna said...

Happy Blog Day, Jeanne! I have enjoyed yourr posts!!!

Anonymous said...

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Robyn said...

Belated congratulations for your third anniversary, Jeanne. Your blog has always delighted me, particularly when you draw on your memories for posts and inspiration for your art.