Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm stumped for a title. I keep trying to figure one out and decided to see if one pops up while I am typing. It did after the second word. Now how easy is that?

I guess I am in another slow art period. I haven't done anything since the picture of Lucy. I did find a frame for Lucy's picture so that I can get it mailed. I need to get busy on something soon. I hate having slow periods.

I have another boxer picture to do. An older one named Morgan. I also have a photo of my two dogs sitting together that I want to do. And then I have an ATC to do for the Pencil Painting forum. It can be anything. No theme. Maybe I needed a theme to get me going.

I finally signed up for the new Moley project at Art House Coop. I won't be getting this one back so will have to keep my animals out of it. It is very hard to let go of drawings of my babies. These Moleys have a theme. They have something like 38 themes and randomly assign them. My theme is "A Postcard".

I have no idea what I am supposed to do with that. It's not a very accurate theme. I was hoping something like animals, florals, etc. Now I have to think. And that may hurt. And there are 33 pages to fill as well as the front and back cover. Can't remember if they were counted in the 33 pages. I do know that I learned from the first project that I will be working on two pages at a time. That filing one page at a time was hard. Now I just need to figure how to do "my thing" with "their theme". Anyone have any ideas?

Here are a couple more ATCs from the Alphabet Trade. I have posted all of them in the project even tho I haven't heard from some people. They have had time to get them. SH for Sharpei, R for Rays, and A for Awwww.


oliverandjazz said...

jeanne, these are sooo cute and wonderful..congrats to you on such adorable artwork

Joan said...

These are fun ATCs. I looked at the moleskin project and was tempted, but I don't know if I can fill 33 pages with things for one topic. How long do they give you to complete the journal?

Artist Unplugged said...

These are really awesome. I have not had any time for art lately :( but I enjoy hearing about yours!

Teresa said...

Jeanne, these are adorable! Sounds like you're going to be busy doing the postcard thing. You could look up some vintage postcards... may give you some ideas that are different from just doing scenery.