Friday, June 12, 2009

California Living Museum

Hubby and I went to CALM this week. He has never been there and I wanted him to see it. My art group goes there fairly often for our plein air outings. Nice and quiet usually with a lot of shade, animals, and lots of landscapes.

We took lunch with us and sat and ate first. Then started our way around. I was a little disappointed with my little roadrunner friend as he wouldn't come near me. But we did get really close up views of the deer. Hubby even got to touch the nose of one. The real young ones were not so skittish about people.

All the animals at CALM for one reason or another are not able to be reintroduced back into the wild. So they are taken care of for life by the museum. Many children's classes take field trips there and there was even an art camp of about 50 students who were there yesterday. Learning, drawing, eating lunch, and seeing the animals. It took some of the quiet away but I actualy enjoyed listening to and watching the children. I think they were about 10-11 and rowdy enough that they kept the teachers hopping to keep track of them.

I took many photos again. A bluejay kept landing near to eat crumbs from the cement walkway. I had a wonderful time getting some nice close photos of him. Here is one that I drew.

I have no idea why but the scan looks a little distorted. The size is 6 inches x 6 inches and I used Derwent Studio, Faber Castell Polychromos, and Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils.


oliverandjazz said...

that is so very lovely, and what a nice day for you and hubby..also good prep for our next trade!!

jeannette stgermain said...

Where is it, Jeanne? I've never heard of it - nice that your hubby came too!Have a good weekend!

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely sketch and sounds like you had a great day.

Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun place to visit... with lots of art opportunities!