Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Flight update

I started to put color on the bird last night and this morning decided to go a different way with my colored pencils. I wanted to do him in more dry pencils. So I fixed the image on a new piece of Bristol paper and started again. I am happier with it this time. I really don't like waxy pencils. I prefer dry ones. I like the way they lay down better. My only problem is I don't have as much variety in the dryer ones. So the colors will be a lot different than the reference photo. So far I'm ok. I don't really like the spot where the gray breast meets the yellow.

I miss my prismas with the different shades of gray. And I would have used a different color yellow. use what you have. I have used some FB Polychromos but I only have a set of 24 plus a couple of open stock ones in flesh. But mostly I am using Prismacolor Verithins and Derwent Studios.

Now I have to figure out how to get the look of the dead wood and the peeling paint.

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Sonia said...

It looks amazing already!