Monday, June 01, 2009

Day's End

I am not too unhappy to have this day end. I didn't really enjoy it. I was just a little out of sorts and hubby seemed to get on my nerves. I guess having him home 24/7 is starting to show. lol

Tomorrow he is going on a ride-along with a buddy. The buddy has to make a delivery and my hubby will go along for company. I am happy he will do that. It will give me some breathing space and hopefully recharge his good humor.

I have nothing planned for tomorrow, but one Wednesday is the art group outing, and Thursday is my monthly hair appt. Hopefully next week we can make a drive to see my brother and sister-in-law. We put that off until the wife is off work for the summer and we can visit with her too. It's just a short trip of about 45 minutes, but we hardly ever make it.

I worked hard this weekend and the last part of last week getting all my cards done for the Drawspace trade. I needed 17 cards for that. I also finished up the last of my Alphabet trade. I mailed 7 cards for that today and one will go tomorrow. It feels good to once again be finished with everything I was committed to. Now to just sit back and wait for the mail to arrive.


Joan said...

Enjoy your alone time and recharge yourself!!! Love the cards below. I still have quite a few to do. I'm not speeding through mine this time. I guess I've been too busy trying to get some larger pieces done for a change.

Jan said...

I agree with Joan! Just breathe deeply and recharge! I don't think I'm looking forward to my DH's retirement but, there's so much to do outside here that maybe he'll be out of the house at least!

Your cards are adorable! I especially like the red one - like the bling that's goin' on!

Teresa said...

Ah... I fully understand about needing time to be alone and recharge. I get grumpy and frazzled when I'm around people for several days straight and don't have any time alone to read, think, make art or just be by myself. I think perhaps - in general - that women need solitude more than men.