Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kern County Museum

Today our plein air group went to the Kern County Museum formerly Pioneer Village. It is many acres with streets and old houses that moved from various places in Bakersfield and refurbished.
I sat on a bench on the porch of the Wells Fargo building and sketched the Doctor's Office. That didn't turn out too good, so I moved on to the backside of the jail.
The grounds have some really huge and beautiful trees. I love the white-trunked trees. I love the formations they make with their limbs and the huge bases of them.
Only 3 of us made the outing but we had a good time. Confusion about where we would be today I think caused less attendance. The plans changed twice because of the cooler weather and expected wind. It was windy. As I sat sketching, a very brisk breeze kept freezing me. Yet when I got into my car to leave, I had to run the AC.
Here are some of the photos I took. Poppies, a beautiful rose, several of the buildings, and the bottles inside the drug store. Click on the photos for a larger view.


Joan said...

Great photos, Jeanne. I love that tiny doctor's office. I'm glad you got to go, even if the weather wasn't perfect. A change of sketching locations is always fun.

Ai said...

I love the doctor office also. The row of blue bottles just sizzling up my senses. It seems like you have a great time sketching.