Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Battle Scars

My lab Penny was having what my hubby and I call a running fit. It is a surge of energy that just has to be let out by running back and forth thru the house at full out speed. She does this at least once a day. I encourage it even tho it causes the bed to get unmade, and anything in the line of fire may get injured at any moment. But to keep something that strong and powerful bottled up...well you never know how it will otherwise surface.
Well tonight left on the battlefield was my sewing machine. I had just taken it out and set it up so that I can do some mending and sewing. I never expected it to get airborne. And what a trip it did take. Landed about 3-4 feet away with a giant thud.
I took the sewing machine apart last night and couldn't fix it. The part that goes up and down, now hits a roadblock. So today I go looking for a new one. Not my idea of a great day ahead at Costco, but we are in need of staples in the food department, and I need the sewing machine.
It never fails when one thing breaks, along comes other things in the house. My mouse bit the dust last night too. I changed the batteries but still no go. I had to swipe the mouse from the other computer. And today I buy a new one.
Do you think household items get together at night and decide it is time to cause some havoc? When I had my motorcycle accident and was in a hospital bed for 3 1/2 months, our 24 yr old refrigerator decided to quit. Luckily we had just sold my motorcycle so had part of the payment for the fridge. I thought that was a good trade. Bone-breaking motorcycle for a good fridge.
Well it is time to stop procrastinating and get moving so that I can join the endless stream of wanderers at Costco.

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