Sunday, April 06, 2008

Peas in a Pod

A friend needed a drawing of peas in a pod. She has twins and wanted to put their faces on two peas. Here is the quick colored pencil drawing that I came up with.

I have been thinking of doing a series of fruits and vegetables. Maybe I will section off a page with squares and do one a day. Try to do a very detailed drawing of each.

In one of the exchanges at Wetcanvas, one lady did fruit. She did very simple but detailed drawings in color. I especially liked the blueberries and avocado she did, but all of them were very nice.

Another series in an exchange I found very pretty and interesting was the cacti. Each was a different variety and each was a cute little version of each one. Sometimes with a background. They made very nice postcards. I think each one would have been very nice framed. Or grouped in a multi frame.

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Joan said...

Cute peapod!! I like things done in a series. Desiree did a nice job on her fruits for WetCanvas. You should definitely give it a try!