Friday, April 11, 2008

Pioneer Jail

On Wednesday at the museum, I did a pen sketch of the doctor's office in one of the pictures below. And with pen, no erasing, so my sketch didn't turn out very good. Well it's not bad, but not good. Make sense?

I also did a pen sketch of the back side of the little pioneer jail and a tree. It turned out better. I started adding a touch of color with watercolor pencil and water brush. And that grew into a lot of color. And it is still not finished. I have started adding some dry colored pencil to give it some better texture. Some parts have that and some don't. It was overcast part of the time so not too good for getting a good sky. But we were out there doing some art and creating.


Joan said...

Nice texture on the building. Is that white tree an oak? It looks like some of the trees that were near my sister's house in California. I always loved the white barks.

Congrats on the family addition. He looks like a colorful little guy!

Jo Castillo said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting. On the road and behind on my blog reading. This is a great drawing. You have some fun things while I was away.

I'm looking forward to seeing the patriotic ones. :)