Monday, April 21, 2008


I participated in the WDE this week. It was Mithila's photos. The one I did was of her friend.

I won't be going with the plein air group this week. I started therapy again for my knee. I have an appt on Wednesday. For the future ones, I will make them for days other than Wed but this week, I am being squeezed in.

At therapy today, I had a nice surprise. The work I had done at home since the last therapy session maybe a couple months ago, was apparent. I was able to ride the recumbent bike all the way around on the wheel. Before I had to go back and forth because I didn't have enough bend. I was so excited, and felt like a real person again.

Funny how your feelings about yourself can be altered so severely. I have been through surgeries before and didn't have any problems with them. This one was different. And because I didn't expect problems, they took the wind out of my sails. It was a hard recovery and I am so glad it is over. When asked about my pain level, they seem surprised I have none. At least not in my knee. But my ankle is another story. That will never be better. That I have to live with. But at least I can now say, I am glad I had the knee replacement. For awhile there, it was iffy.


Joan said...

Nice job on the portrait! Wonderful news about the progress with your knee!!! You had me worried for quite a while.

Jo Castillo said...

Good drawing. How wonderful that the knee is doing so well. Whew! Take care, now! (Beamer) said...

Glad to hear things are going so well with your knee. Too bad your ankle does want to comply. Physical therapy won't help it?