Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ATCs for Trading

Last night and today I worked on some ATCs. Three are Zentangles and one is a squirrel. I have decided to do some cutie cards of animals. Some with the "Ah" appeal. I will put them away and have them for trades.

Hubby is gone tonight on a job. He will be back tomorrow. I miss him when he is gone and the dogs drive me crazy wondering where he is. They think every noise they hear is him. When he is gone for several days, they finally get used to him being gone but that first night is a killer. I couldn't tell you how many times they jump up and run to the door.

Today at Target I bought a small mouse cat toy. I hope to draw it on an ATC tonight. I also found a really scruffy toy dog. I have no idea how to handle the hectic hair it has. I may have to look thru jmfletch's project posts that he did of his wife's stuffed bears. In fact I haven't seen him around for quite some time. I wonder what his wife has him working on these days. I will have to play detective and round him up.


Anonymous said...

Love them all Jeanne, each one different and unique.

Joan said...

Jeanne - I like the designs in your zentangles and the cute squirrel. I've been wondering about Jim lately too.

Teresa said...

WOW Jeanne... the amount of time and detail in those zentangles (especially the bottom one)... makes me want to quit before I even start!

Love the cute squirrel..he definitely has "ah" appeal>


Love'em all but the little critter is just shooper shoo-eet!!!


Jo Castillo said...

These are nifty. You inspired me to do some doodling listening to the baseball games lately. :) Hmm, wonder about Jim, too.