Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping Day

Today we bought groceries. I needed a few things and needed some ingredients for a couple of dishes that I will make for a barbecue we will attend on Saturday. It is a yearly barbecue at a friend's house. It lasts for 3 days but we only go for the Saturday events. Barbecue/Potluck, music, and friendship.

Anywhere from 50-100 people are at the barbecue. Each family provides a dessert and a salad or side dish. Provided by the hosts is the meat, garlic bread, and chili beans. We usually arrive there about 10:00 am and leave anywhere from 9-midnight. It's about 45 minutes from our house up in the mountains. Loads of fun and we get to see people we see only once a year at the barbecues.

Some people come in motorhomes, campters, trailers, and stay for the 3 days. Some even camp in tents. I have seen 15 RVs and tents, etc camped there in the yard.

Now when you are in the company of that much food, you are going to eat. All we will be able to do is damage control. At noon about every kind of potato chip, dip, and other munchies make an appearance. And they get munched until dinnertime about 6 pm. Then there are tables put together with about 20+ casseroles, salads, and other side dishes. Then about an hour later the whole thing disappears and out of nowhere are about 20 desserts. Try to skip dessert with that many tempting delights.

We will eat. But hopefully we can keep from gorging. But if that doesn't happen, Sunday we will dream of all the goodies while we eat something nutritious for breakfast.


Teresa said...

"All we will be able to do is damage control"..... LOL!!!! Jeanne, you're so funny! Have fun at the barbecue (3 days? Wow... that's a heck of a barbecue even by Southern standards) and think of the rest of us subsisting on meager fare :-)

Artist Unplugged said...

Oh, this sounds like a blast! 3 days......sounds like some sort of 'fest!

pencilportraits said...

Sounds wonderful, wish I could steal some of that food Jeanne!