Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Memories Again

Here are some more of my memory trading postcards. These are the last 4 cards to reach their new "people". They haven't all responded that they have been received, but there has been enough time for them to land.

Rickrack trim was what my mom put on my dresses she made for me if she had a mistake making them. She used the rick rack to cover the mistakes. This one now lives in South Africa.

I remember jumping rope continually. Whether it was at home using one of these ropes or at school with a longer rope, we jumped and jumped. much energy. Makes me tired to just think of it now. This one went to Thailand.

Crayons were a staple. I remember getting so excited when my brothers and I would get new coloring books and crayons. We didn't get the huge multicolor sets, just the basic small one, but we so loved getting a pack of the fresh new sharp crayons and spent hours coloring. This one found its way to Australia.

Crocheting was something I always remember my grandmother doing. She made just everything. Doilies, table cloths, potholders, dolls, and anything else that came out in a pattern. She taught me to crochet chains when I was in grade school. I used to make very long chains. Then she taught me to connect them and I would make circles. I didn't learn how to increase the stitches to make them flat until years later, so I had a lot of cup shaped hats for my dolls. This one landed in India.


Teresa said...

Your lovely, colorful cards brought back memories for me too... learning how to crochet as a Brownie, skipping rope (does make you tired to think of it, doesn't it? :-), and hopscotch. Such simple activities kids did back then.

pencilportraits said...

love the crochet piece, looks like it should be used in a ladybird instruction book 'learn to crochet with JeanneG'!!

Jo Castillo said...

These are wonderful and do bring back memories. Lovely colors and style. The fish below are so much fun and well done. Applause!!

Rose said...

These are all gorgeous Jeanne, they bring back so many memories... I have been watching the project and really love all the paintings, wish I had more time to comment on everyone's, but what a great theme you chose! Awesome job! xo Rose

Joan said...

Oh the memories these bring back!!!! We sure enjoyed the simple things!!