Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kitchen Help

Here is another little mouse I did. For someone who hates mice with a passion (they scare me to death), I am surprised that I am doing pictures of mice. Go figure. All I know is it is happening.

Tomorrow hubby goes in for carpal tunnel surgery. So he will be home a couple months. Problem is he was also told he is in pre heart failure and if he doesn't lose weight, it will develop into full heart failure. And at that time, it can't be fixed. So I will not only have a man at home for two months, but I will have a grumpy old man in pain who is hungry. Sound like a great combination? Well I am taking any and all volunteers who want to take him for a day. LOL

The surgeon said it takes actually only 12 minutes to do the actual work on the tunnel. Of course it will be longer for the prepping and the waiting for him to be mobile enough to go home. Can you imagine how much the surgeon makes on one 12 minute surgery? Wow what a pay rate.

I am still fighting ants. They have gotten better in the kitchen and living room but have now moved into the bathroom and office. My dog Penny got some bites in the middle of the night and had an allergic reaction. She had welps all over her body and was itching uncontrollably. It took a Benadryl tablet to calm her down. She is ok now but a little more clingy. Every time I move to a different place in the house, she moves too.

Well wish me luck. I'm sure I will need it to make it thru 2 months with the patient.


Robyn said...

These mice are very effective, Jeanne. Lovely series. Wonderful breakthrough for you to be drawing them as I recall your phobia. Brava!

Good luck to your husband, with both the operation and the diet. Lots of salad should stop him being hungry. Yes, I know it's hard to train a man to eat salad but at least it's the beginning of the season for it.

Joan said...

Adorable job on the mouse!!

Wish Bill lots of luck with the surgery and recovery!!! I don't envy you having a hungry man at home, who is cranky that he can't eat what he wants. Good luck!

Jo Castillo said...

Hi, Good luck on this. Not easy to cope!