Friday, April 24, 2009

New ATC Project

I signed up for a new ATC project on Wetcanvas. It is called Alphabet. Each person will be assigned a letter of the alphabet. If I receive the letter "B", all the cards that are made and sent to me will have items that start with the letter "B". So each participant will be making 25 cards. One card for each letter of the alphabet except their own letter. Sounds like great fun. I just hope I don't end up with an "X" or a "Q". But someone has to get them.

We are hoping that everyone will do some research and not do all the same items. We even have a website that has lists of unusual words for all letters of the alphabet. You can see it here: There are more things at the site to look at like Favorite words, word finding tips, phobias, nautical terms, styles of speech, and many others. I haven't looked thru any of the other topics but will eventually.

Well it's time for me to get ready for the trip to the surgery office. Hubby doesn't seem at all nervous but he woke up saying he is hungry (several times) and even wanted to know what we were having for lunch after. He wants to go to the restaurant and have a salad with roasted chicken on it.


Artist Unplugged said...

Hope the carpal tunnel surgery is a breeze. I had two late in my pregnancy, it's not bad. Then I had a newborn in just over a week to care for. I sympathize with trying to lose your mouse drawing - excellent!

pencilportraits said...

Good luck with the letters, fingers crossed you get an easy one!!!

Joan said...

I had to laugh...your husband sound just like my is on his mind all the time too!! I've been trying to come up with a them or a plan for the new exchange. I haven't had any great ideas yet!