Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nothing new

No new art. I spent today cruising around some sites while I catnapped sitting up. I do that a lot lately. I don't know if it is age, or the fact I don't go to bed at a decent hour, or a combo of both. All I know is that I can sleep anywhere these days. I may wake up with every other part of me hurting or asleep, but sleep I can do. Except when I go to bed at bedtime. So instead I just stay up until sleep comes and catnap whenever my body insists.

A new dog breed has been posted for the Animal and Wildlife forum so hopefully I will be doing some. It is Labs this time and as everyone who reads this blog regularly knows, that's one of my breeds. They have posted a chocolate and a couple of blacks. I am usually doing Yellow ones so will probably do the black and chocolate this time to get some practice.


twincedar said...

Sounds like your sleep schedule is really messed up. Hope you can get it worked out!

Mary said...

Jeanne, I found out that if I go to bed early instead of sleeping at all during the day, I will sleep a little more during the night but I know what you mean because I start loosing my sleep around 4:00 AM.

I love your cards, especially the crochet knitting.


Sorry to hear about your sleep troubles, I've have some of my own, I know how you feel.

They're doing a lab now? I have barely started the Welsh Corgi puppy and they're already on a new one. I'm so behing!!!

BTW, did you get my card??? If so, hope you liked it, done with lotsa love.


Teresa said...

Re: sleep troubles ... me too. Not unusual for me to be up at 4am. Sometimes 3 am. I'm an early bird anyway.... but this is ridiculous!