Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WDE 3-27-09

This week Lisilk is hosting the WDE (Weekly Drawing Event) on Wetcanvas with photos of the Bahamas where she did live and will soon be living again. The host posts 16 photos and everyone chooses at least one to use as a reference. I did the dog that is on a former post but decided I wanted to play with the fish.

After looking at the artwork being done by everyone of the school of fish, I decided I wanted to play with the ref and do something different. I drew in some fish, colored them with cps and then started going over the top of the whole picture with a light blue. I wanted it to look like the fish were underwater. It would probably look better with more layers but I have two layers over the top already and my arm is killing me. One layer of powder blue (Prisma) and one layer of Light Cobalt Blue (Albrecht Durer/Faber Castell).

On a former post I did a post card of a porpoise using the same method for one of the trades. I couldn't even tell you how many layers I put on that one. It did look like it was underwater much more than this one. I think I will leave the little picture as is. It is on Bristol Smooth, 6x6 inches with various brands of colored pencils.


Anonymous said...

Your fish look great, the bright colours and composition work well.

Joan said...

Jeanne - This looks great!! I didn't see it posted in the WDE!