Monday, April 06, 2009

Chocolate Lab

I did this Chocolate Lab for the Dog Breed Thread in the Animal and Wildlife Forum at Wetcanvas. Now that's a mouthful. I have done three of the breeds. They have a new one about every two weeks. The breed standards are posted then a few photos. Anyone else can upload some photos and you can work from your own photo as long as it is the breed for that time.

Instead of doing my own Yellow Lab, I decided to get some practice in on a darker dog. I chose the Chocolate Lab. I had trouble getting the browns. Mine looked more like milk chocolate. I posted that one, then added some more color and posted again. It probably needs some more dark brown but I'm trying not to make it look black. I do notice I have some red tinges showing up now. I didn't notice them in the first one.

I still would like to do a black lab but the two that are posted are not exactly what I am looking for. I would like a closer one of the face.

Today I decided to go back to the ATC size to practice on. It gets too intimidating trying to fill even the post card size when experimenting with the colored pencils. I need to work smaller. Then if it isn't working out, I can start again. When I was doing everything ATC size, I was doing a lot more art and experimenting much more. I work pretty fast even with the cps, but I don't really want to devote that much time to something I may throw away. And with arthritis in my hands, I need to save some wear and tear on my hands.


Joan said...

Great job on the chocolate lab!!! Wonderful job on his coat!


BTW, my envelope just arrive, thank you sooooo much for your immense kindness.


Teresa said...

Jeanne, this is wonderful! He looks SO adorable!

Jean said...

Loved you chocolate lab..hadn't seen that before. Would you send me a copy? Wow! for some reason I can now post a comment to your blog! ...for a long time I haven't been able to..wonder what changed? ~ Jean
(I guess google loves me again!)

oliverandjazz said...

he is gorgeous jeanne, your work is lovely

Laure Ferlita said...

What stunning eyes! As if he's looking right out of that card! Great job!