Thursday, September 21, 2006

Almost over

Well the week is coming to a halt. Hubby is camping, and I am sure having the time of his life. I don't have to cook. That's my vacation.

Today I went to tax class. Did one small sketch but not too impressive. Then tried to concentrate on the lesson. On the way home I decided to get some of the scavenger hunt items out of the way. These 3 I had to go elsewhere to get. So I went to the cemetery for #20 column and #22 a monument bench. We don't have above ground markers here. At least I didn't see any at the one I went to. All markers are embedded in the grass. There are many stone benches with names on them. I found one that Had a couple trees nearby and a rock. Looked very serene.

#3 was a chimney. I stopped along the street and sketched one I saw on a house. I sketched the whole fireplace but didn't take too long with it. I feel a little uncomfortable sitting near someone's house and staring at it. I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable like I am up to no good.

Saturday I will go on the 11th Sketchcrawl and will be parking many places to sketch. I will probably do most of my sketching from my car. Easier on me as I don't walk much with a bad ankle. Also won't have to carry supplies and find a place to sit. I will go alone this time. I have jotted down sseveral things I might like to draw.

There is a tree a few miles from here. It is in someone's front yard and is very large and white bark. Nice looking tree. I have wanted to draw it since the firsdt time I saw it. I have never even photographed it but hope to Saturday as well. I will have my trusty camera with me.

Another thing I would like to attempt is the Bakersfield sign. It used to be on the old highway thru town. Then the freeway came to town and that road was not used as much. The town decided to get rid of the sign that spanned 6 lanes of traffic. Buck Owens stepped in and moved the sign to the street in front of his Crystal Palace where he entertained on weekends.

Then I hope to find a couple older houses in town that have character. In fact my doctor has a huge mansion in an older part of town. They had a showcase of it a year or so ago, and I went on the tour. I may find that one and sketch it from the street. It is well off the street in a fenced lot but hopefully I can see enough. If not I will get his front gates which are gorgeous by themselves.

There is or was a grange building not too far away. It used to be an old church. All white but with character. I might try that, but hubby said it may have been removed. I shall at least go see.

Also the town has a mission-like building that is a restaurant. It may have also been a church at one time. Any way that is a few of the things I am tossing around.

I look forward to a day of sketching. I don't know how long I will be out but hope to get a few nice sketches that day.

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